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A recent case, smartphone patent matter, in India is concerned to settle their issues among themselves.

The Delhi court has directed Indian handset maker Micromax to pay royalty to Swedish firm for using features in its phones which belongs to the latter’ s 2G, 3G and EDGE patents. The direction is part of court’s interim arrangement. As the result of this, a final deal can happen later this month
Earlier, Ericsson had filed a patent lawsuit against Micromax over the illegal use of these patents and demanded Rs 100 crore in damages from Micromax. As per the deal, Micromax will deposit the royalty money (which could be between 1.25%  to 2% for very device) with the court. As per the arrangement all the Micromax devices that come to India will be inspected by Ericsson which will have the right to inspection and clear the consignment.

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