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                 The Indian Government will initiate step towards reducing the patent application examination time duration to 18 months, from next March, 2018. The first stage of examination of a patent application currently takes about 48 months.

                 Commerce and Industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that they will improve performance to match the international standards and they continuously working on simplify the rules and reduce the patent application examination time limit. Because of around 2.5 lakhs patent applications are pending at numerous stages.

                 And also she said that the India’s Intellectual property Right (IPR) laws are consent with global rules and any suspicious narrative about the reliability of domestic IPR norms is just not warranted. India has a robust mechanism and legislative framework to deal with IPR related matters. As per the WTO norms, a CL (Compulsory License) can be invoked by a government allowing a company to produce a patented product without the consent of the patent owner in public interest. And minister also pointed about the national IP awards on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day celebrations.

The Author is a Patent Consultant from MR Technollect Solutions (www.MRTechnollect.com).