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Indian Government of Trademark Registry has granted the registration of the Trademark for pattern of Mother Teresa’s blue border of sari. The blue-designed border on the sari worn by nuns of the Missionaries of Charity was recognized as Intellectual Property for the organization on September four, 2016, the day the Mother was canonized.

The Missionaries of Charity d not believe in publicity and as such it was not publicized, but since they are witnessing exploitative and unfair usage of the design across the globe, they are now trying to spread awareness among people about the trademark.

And also he said that the blue border pattern is a distinctive symbolic identity of the Missionaries of Charity under the concept of color trade mark protection and the exclusive right of use of the said blue pattern on white saris adopted by the Missionaries of Charity is unique and is the first time ever that a uniform has been protected under the Intellectual Property rights.

The Author is a Patent Specialist from MR Technollect Solutions (www.MRTechnollect.com)