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Accenture launched the first of its kind of big innovation hub in Bangalore. The innovation hub populated with talent people and tools in the most happening digital areas, including artificial intelligence, block chain, security, automation , cloud, in a variety of industrial areas, such as banking, telecom and healthcare. So this kind of facility makes for a great innovation environment altogether.

Senior managing director of Accenture Technology services, Mr. Mohan Sekar said that the Accenture started the discussion of innovation in India in 2015 had 2,000 ideas coming in that year, with 6,000 employees participating and the last year number of ideas were rise to 4,500 and the number of participants to 12,000 and now this year as many as 13,000 ideas from over 40,000 participants and their patent filing numbers are also have been risen dramatically in the past three years.

The author is a Patent specialist from MR Technollect Solutions (www.MRTechnollect.com)