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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has adopted a new logo for allopathic doctors across the country. This logo is only for those who practicing ayurveda and homeopathy. From the past few years onwards the IMA is trying to get a separate logo for allopathic doctors.

Dr KK Aggrawal, IMA national president said that they were working to get the logo for two years and they received the trademark three days ago. And also he mentioned that the logo is a red-colored plus sign with ‘Dr’ written in white color in the middle and this will help patients identify a qualified allopath.

Now IMA is in the process of printing the logo stickers. Allopath practitioners can use the logo on their visiting cards, letterheads, prescription papers and even on their cars.

Dr Jayesh Lele, IMA’s Hospital Board of India (HBI) national secretary said that the logo registered by IMA will be used by allopathic doctors only and not for the ones who simply prescribe allopathic medicines.

The author is a Patent specialist from MR Technollect Solutions (www.MRTechnollect.com)